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Hi my name is Bri and my mom went to a local dressbarn store in Montauk highway shirley NY today. She went in to do an exchange on a dress.

A manager named Linda rang her up. Linda saw that the tags were unattached from the dress and started making assumptions that my mom had worn the dress. My mom tried to explain to her that it did not fit her well and that she needed a smaller size. Turns out the store did not have a smaller size, so my mom picked out another dress to exchange it with.

Linda then started to say that she will NOT return OR exchange her dress. My mom was confused because on the receipt its says that you are allowed to return within TWO months...But to Linda that did not matter. She then brought out personal issues not related to the situation. She told my mother that she cannot buy things here and return whenever she feels like it.

She also went on about how my whole family comes to the store and the babies make a "mess" and how they always "return" items. My mom was in total shock, beacuse that did not have anything to do with her or the situation, and Linda decided to be spiteful and disgusting towards her, and my family. My mom not knowing that much English, did not know how to defend herself in this situation, she felt so disrespected that she left the dress (that she wanted to exchange) at the store and left. I then went in and asked to talk to Linda.

When I started to talk to Linda she would not listen to me and was very rude, immature, disrespectful, spiteful, unreasonable, and I felt very attacked by her when she came close to me, to my face, as she if she was about to hit me. She got close to me and said "what are you gonna do about it" and I told her "im not going to do anything, but I hope that the cameras catch you coming near me and threatening me." I told her that I was not going to leave until she returns the dress, because now I did not even want to exchange because I will never buy from Dressbarn again. She started saying disgusting things like "I can see what kind of daughter your mom raised", and things like "your family always comes here and makes a mess by touching the clothes, and dont even know how to control your own kids". I told her I was not gonna leave until she returned the dress and she said to me "i WILL NOT return your dress or EXCHANGE because I DONT WANT TO AND YOU CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!" I am a retail manger myself and I have never disrespected my customers especially the way Linda did today.

She took advantage of the fact that my mom did not speak that much English, and made these fake rules about returning limits. Also, I did not know that kids were a problem for Dressbarn, because the employees are lazy to keep the store clean. Linda would not be reasonable with me, she said she will do whatever she wants. I did not know that there were limits to returning or exchanging, and if there is I would like to see it in writing in the receipt, and if there is not one then I don't understand why this is an issue.

She caused a big scene at the store and was telling me to not talk back to her, and telling how to act. I was furious and started going off on her, beacuse of the disrespect, and unfairness coming from her. She did not exchange or return the dress and went in the back as if nothing happened. I then asked a sales associate if I could return the dress on Monday, and she told me "of coure you can as long as you have the receipt you can come and return or exchange whenever you want" It is embarrassing that a sales associate knows how to treat a customer better than a manager.

She followed the rules of the company and stayed with it. Linda is a complete embarrassment to the company! She discriminated towards people who dont speak "perfect English" and also twords babies who can't control their actions. Which by the way the kids have nothing to do with my mom, since their not hers or her responsibility.

Even if they were how dare she bring that up and not let my mom exchange because of that. I know how retail works, and she did not handle the situation right way. I am disgusted by her actions and the words that came out of her mouth. She is an embarrassment once again, and I will make sure to tell my family that they are a problem to the store, and that they should never go back there again.

Neither my mom or my family, which by the way give that store the most business, will never shop at Dressbarn ever again. If this company stands for discrimination towards people who do not speak English and kids, I will make sure to tell everyone I know to not go and shop there, unless you want to be attacked and judged. Worst experience Ive ever had in my entire life, considering my mom has only returned there maybe once or twice. I hope that Dressbarn watch the cameras on the date of July 22, 2017 and see how Linda came near me and threatened me, considering I am 19 years old and she was at least around her 50's.

I still cannot believe that she is a manager, she is a total embarrassment. No matter how I came at her, she should have known to handle the situation better.

Review about: Dressbarn Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Cameras?? Lol. Dress Barn doesn't have cameras.

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